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Staff Conference 2016 at Maritime College No.1 (13/01/2016)

With the approval of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, dated 01.15.2016, Maritime College No.1 formally held a conference 2016 under the guidance of the Addressing Committee for the Democratic Regulations of Vietnam Maritime Administration to implement the Democracy Regulations in the College.

Among the Attendees were the Dr. Bui Thien Thu - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, Mr. Tran Trong Duc - Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Vietnam Maritime Administration and other leaders.


Deputy Director Bui Thien Thu addressing at the conference

Attending the conference on the side of the College were Meritorious Teacher Phan Van Tai - Former Party Secretary, the Rector; Meritorious Teacher Vu Van Dung - Vice Director, the Chairman of the Trade Union of the College; together with all other leaders and nearly 200 staff, and employees in the college.

Addressing the opening session, Mr. Phan Van Tai – The Rector of the College stated that the difficulties in economy, politics and social situations of the country and in maritime sector caused significant impacts to education and training of the college. However, under the leadership of the Party Committee and the Rector Board together with the coordination and efforts of all staff and students to overcome difficulties in the college, Maritime College No.1 had successfully accomplished the objectives and missions of the year 2015.


Addressing an opening speech at the conference by Meritorious Teacher Phan Van Tai, The Director of the College

"Report on implementation of Resolution 2015 and key issues and missions of the year 2016" was presented by Mr. Dinh Gia Vinh - Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Rector of the College; "Final Report on Trade Union activities in 2015 and the key missions  in 2016" by Mr. Vu Van Dung - Vice Rector, Chairman of the Trade Union; "The report on the inspection carried out in 2015 and the tasks for the inspection of 2016" by Mr. Nguyen Van Trong - Head of the People's inspection.  Also presented at the conference were the report on the revised regulations and several speeches by the leaders of the departments and individuals in the College in enrollment,  solutions to the implementation of Decree 108 of downsizing; measures to strengthen teaching and learning; solutions to develop social work to develop soft skills for students, socialization activities in the college; solutions to enhance the management, exploitation, use of equipment and anti-fraud measures in examinations etc.

At the meeting, the Executive Board of the Trade Union of the Maritime College No.1 launched the movement in order to successfully fulfill political tasks in 2016.


Launching emulation movements by Chairman of the Trade Union - Meritorious Teacher Vu Van Dung

Deputy Director Bui Thien Thu - Representative of Vietnam Maritime Administration made a speech to recognize and praise the efforts of the whole staff and students with outstanding performance and achievements. He also gave directions for the near future on the contents: Taking advantages of specialized training in maritime field,  strengthening co-operations with businesses, organizations and the specialized conference to promote the capacity of the college, looking for practical training opportunities and jobs for students; focusing on training; training together with the real work; seeking the support of all resources to enhance the facilities for training and ensuring the income for the staff.

Acquiring the directions of the Deputy Director, the Director of the College committed to implement the guidance and directions on the key missions in 2016. He also promised to unite together, promote the democracy and implement innovative and comprehensive basis under the Resolution 29 to improve the quality of education and training provided to meet the requirements of human resources for the country in general and for the maritime industry in particular in the period of international economic integration.

The conference ended with an atmosphere of solidarity, unity and collective determination of all the staff and employees to implement the targets and missions in 2016.

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