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Personnel-Administration Department (July 20th 2021)  (19/08/2021)


Function and Duties

1. Function

Assist the Rector on organizational and personnel structure; regimes and policies relating to officers, staffs, employees and health insurance of students; facilities management; administrative work; environmental protection, flood and storm prevention and search and rescue; fire prevention; security order and local military defense at the School.

2. Duties:

a) Organizing personnel and wage

- Plan to arrange the organizational and personnel structure, submit to the Rector for approval;

- Develop and implement annual education and professional development plans for staffs in accordance with the regulations;

- Develop and implement the annual staff recruitment plan according to the  regulations;

- Develop annual staff plan; perform mobilization and rotation of officers, staffs and employees;   appoint and re-appoint officers according to the procedures and regulations;

- Manage, update and supplement personnel records according to the regulations; implement  clear declaration of personal income and assets in accordance with the State's regulations;

- Be mainly responsible for implementing the following tasks: emulation and commendation; discipline for units, teachers and staffs at the school according to the current regulations;

- Coordinate with relevant units to implement policies, wages, bonuses, insurance for officials, teachers and staffs and health insurance for students;

- Settle regimes and policies for officials, teachers and staffs who are retired, resigned, sick, maternity, etc. in accordance with the State's regulations;

- Manage officials, teachers and staffs in the process of performing the unit's duties assigned by the Rector.

b) Administrative work

- Carry out preventive medical work; monitor the health of officials, teachers, staffs and students of the School;

- Perform clerical archiving work; receive and classify incoming and outgoing documents inside and outside the school; seal and manage the seal; issue working papers and introduction papers to officials, teachers and staff; receive mail, packages, copy documents of schools and superiors according to the regulations;

- Act as a secretary for the Rector, as a secretary in school-level briefings and meetings chaired by the Rector; send notices and conclusions of the meeting chaired by the Rector to the relevant units;

- Summarize and report to the Rector the performance of the units' duties monthly, quarterly and annually; make general reports to superiors under the direction of the Rector;

- Coordinate with relevant units to organize the annual meetings and other conferences of the School as assigned by the Rector; 

- Coordinate with other units to compile, edit, supplement and promulgate the internal regulations of the school under the direction of the Rector;

- Monitor and manage electricity and water; carry out environmental sanitation, take care of plants and trees in the school area;

- Coordinate with relevant units and families to settle relevant policies and regimes when the school's officials, teachers and staffs die and perform duties of filial piety according to the current regulations of the school.

c) Manage, repair and maintain  against deterioration of facilities

- Propose maintenance, anti-degradation and strengthen technical facilities annually to submit to the Rector for approval;

- Inspect and supervise the maintenance, repair, anti-degradation of facilities and accept products.

- Coordinate with the Planning and Finance Department and other units to conduct the annual asset inventory according to the plan of the Planning and Finance Department.

d) National security and other duties

- Carry out local military defense duties; maintain security and social order, fire prevention; flood and storm control, search & rescue, be a standing member of Committee for flood and storm control, search and rescue;

- Coordinate with police departments, local authorities and relevant units to ensure security, politics, order and safety well during holidays, traditional festivals, elections, conferences;

- Control the entrance to the school according to the rules; guide guests to contact business at the school, show the parking place for guests;

- Coordinate with functional faculties and departments to participate in recruitment, teaching and scientific research;

- Manage and use the facilities and equipment of the department effectively;

- Manage and operate substations   effectively and safely;

- Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.



Full name




 Nguyen Van Trong

Chairman of School Board

Manager of Department



 Hoang Thi Thuy Hao

Deputy Manager