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Opening Ceremony of Teachers Contest 2016 at Maritime College No.1  (25/03/2016)

In the atmosphere of welcoming the great national events as the 2016 National Assembly and People’s Council elections at all levels and the Maritime College No.1 44th anniversary celebration (May 4th 1972 – May 4th 2016)

On the morning of March 24th 2016, Maritime College No.1 formally held a opening ceremony of The Teachers Contest which is organized every two years following the training plans and signed by the leaders.

Overview of the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony welcomed the attendance of leaders from Rector Board, departments and lecturers.

Addressing the opening ceremony of Teachers Contest by Meritorious Teacher Phan Van Tai – Rector of the College

The school teachers contest aimed at lecturers’ teaching evaluation in the school year of 2015 – 2016 and maintained the education quality of the school. From that point, the departments and divisions would make plans of improving teaching methodologies, especially positive ones which students speaking time was centered. Furthermore, the subject syllabus and subject teaching methodology would have to be improved after this contest. The teachers contest also aimed to find out the best teachers to participate in the national teachers contest.

Mr. Ngo Doan Nguoc – Judge Board member

61 participants were divided in 3 sub-boards. The Contest would be from March 24th 2016 to April 22nd 2016. The contest included a large number of integrated teaching lessons from the contest sub-board No.1 (department of Basic Science, department of Economics, division of Information Technology and division of English) with the rate of over 59% and the contest sub-board No.2 (department of electrical- electronics, department of marine engineering and department of mechanical engineering) with the rate of over 30%.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Hao - MA – a representative of participants

The contest rules included 2 parts: a 45 – minute lesson and based computer test of the education regulations understanding. All contest participants were trying their best to make a successful contest.

The contest aims to share and learn teaching methodology and experiences through the presentations of lectures, which helps to improve the teaching quality at the college. The outstanding teachers of the contest will also be chose to take part in other Teachers Contests of the city and the Ministry of Transport.

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