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Center of Working Development (CWD)


Function and Duties

1. Function:

Advise, assist the Rector in managing, organizing and implementing education, training, further professional training activities    for seafarers, students and job counsel, placement services;  cooperate with vocational education and training institutes at localities and abroad; manage, organize education and training courses at elementary, intermediate, and college levels; manage, train occupational hygiene  safety; manage techniques, safety, registration, insurance and security for the training fleet; collect, report financial information of the Center at the request of the school.

2. Duties:

a) Manage and organize education, training and further training courses for seafarers including education and training courses, according to the needs of enterprises; education and training courses according to the standards of the  STCW1978  and its amendments; train and issue certificates of competency and professional certificates according to the standards of STCW 1978  and its amendments and supplements licensed by the Ministry of Transport, including:

- Enrolling education, training and further professional training courses that have been licensed by the Ministry of Transport;

- Approving profiles, collecting student list, submitting to the Rector or competent authority for approval, decision to open classes;

- Planning and submitting the plans to the Rector for approval to arrange teachers, facilities, equipment, managing, checking and supervising the performance of teachers and students: test, final exam and final summary…;

- Making a list of qualified students and submitting them to the Rector or competent authorities for approval and decision to issue certificates.

b) Manage, organize and implement  consult, training and job placement services, including:

- Making statistics on the number of graduating students who need to consult  jobs;

- Managing, inspecting, supervising and arranging crew members, trainees and students to have field trips, practical training on training ships and  at shipping enterprises;

- Surveying labor needs, making plans for up-grading, educating, additional training and signing labor contracts for crew member employment;

- Developing actively relationships and cooperating with domestic and foreign enterprises to support education, training and development of labor supply services;

- Making recruitment and training plans for the crew officers whose qualification, professional competence, foreign language ability to establish an independent crew joining in exporting seafarers.

c) Manage and organize training courses at  elementary, intermediate, associate levels and occupational hygienic safety courses:

 -  Coordinating with the Education Department to develop and submit to the Rector for approving training programs which are suitable  for assigned training types; coordinating with units of  the school to develop forms of associate training;

 - Implementing the recruitment ads, enrolling classes belonging to assigned training courses. Receiving and checking student profiles, arranging students   into classes according to the regulations, managing classes, considering graduation for the classes in accordance with the regulations;

- Approving profiles, collecting the list of students, trainees, submitting to the Rector or competent authority for approving, deciding to open classes;

- Planning and submitting to the Rector for approving the plans to arrange teachers, facilities, equipment, managing, checking and supervising the performance of teachers and students: tests, final exams, and final summary…;

- Coordinating with the Training Quality Assurance Department to inspect and supervise teaching activities;

- Coordinating with collaborated training unites  and specialized faculties to implement effectively the approved training plans;

- Coordinating with the Training Quality Assurance Department and the specialized faculties to implement exam management and examination marking procedures;

- Managing and storing grades, students’ profiles, exams and graduation internship reports... in accordance with the regulations.

d) Manage training fleet:

- Managing and arranging personnel for the training fleet to ensure good operation;

- Coordinating with the safety management staffs of the relevant units and the captains, chief engineers of the training ships to implement and maintain the safety management system and the quality management system of the School effectively. Supporting the captains to implement and maintain the safety management system strictly;

- Managing and ensuring the profiles and documents relating to the registration, insurance of the training fleet, are always updated fully and timely to serve the effective operation of the fleet;

- Evaluating and reviewing the effectiveness of the safety management system, analyzing non-conformities, incidents and dangerous situations to report to the Rector for taking precautions. Check and confirm actions to correct non-conformities;

- Reviewing, amending, supplementing the form system according to the regulations of the safety management system. Advising the Rector to solve  technical reports from the ship, taking preventive actions to ensure safe, efficient operation of the ship and preventing environmental pollution;

- Coordinating with Personnel Administration Department, the Planning - Finance Department and the Commanding Board of the training ships to organize internal audits according to the regulations of the safety management system;

- Managing techniques of the training fleet. Making maintenance and repair plans for the training fleet according to the regulations.

- Coordinating with the Planning - Finance Department to make the repair estimate for the fleet, completing the tender profile for major repair and submitting to the competent authorities for approval; advising the Rector to issue the norms of material and fuel consumption for the internship and training vessels. Participating in assessing and selecting  repair services for the ship fleet;

- Coordinating with the ship's commanding board, arranging extraordinary, annual assessments, assessing the application for renewal after repair according to the provisions of Vietnam Register;

- Perform agent duties for the training fleet.

e) Manage the finance of the Center:

 - Collecting charge for short-term certificate, training crew officers, elementary, intermediate and associate levels ... by the decision of the Rector;

  - Paying directly salaries and other benefits to employees who sign contracts with the Center;

  - Controlling expenses for professional activities of the Center according to the regulations of the school;

  - Collecting and handling accounting statements and data; Making reports and forms in accordance with the current law, under the guidance of the Planning and Finance Department;

 - Complying with the law on tax strictly, managing, using and reporting of VAT invoices and receipts of payment.

g) Perform other duties assigned by the Rector.




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Nguyen Tat Quyen