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Human Resource Development and Labour Export Center organized the training course "Ship's crane Operation" for Haiphong Port (20/07/2015)

Attending the course was 20 trainees working as the officials of loading and unloading cargoes at Haiphong port. In the course, the trainees approached the knowledge of the safety of working on board, working from high position, operating ship's crane as well as the definitions, methods of maritime security as working on foreign ships. Trainees could practice on the real crane located inside the training center under the instruction of one lecturer/one trainee.

The center assigned the trainers undergoing the positions of Ship's Masters, Officers with many year experience on board the ships and in the duty of instructing the safety, security and operating the ship's crane as to be in charge of the course. Through the first days, the trainees showed their excitement and pleasure with the amount of the knowledge and the teaching and instructing methods of the trainers as well.

The resutls of the course revealed that all the trainees could operate the ship's cranes successfully and seized firmly the rules of safety working on board. The trainees were also highly appreciated by Haiphong Port about the ability of practising after the training course.

Here are some illustrations about the training course