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Human Resource Development and Labour Export Center opened and exploited a new training building of Chief Cook (28/02/2016)

Pursuant to the Decision No.1890/QD-BGTVT on 27th May, 2015 by the Minister of Transportation issued about the approval of Maritime College 1 to organize the courses of training and instructing seafareres so as to meet the requirements of STCW 78/2010, in which there is the training course to confer the certificate of Marine Chief Cook and Ship Messman. These are two titles for anyone who must be trained and conferred the certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Transportation and complying with the the requirements of MLC 2006.

For the aims of doing well for the training and instruction of the two above titles, the Board of Rector assigned the Human Resorce Development and Labour Export Center along with the authorative departments to do the survey, make the plan and execute the training area of Marine Chief Cook and … Up to new, the project has been completed and implemented for the first new comers.

To meet the damand after finishing the course, the trainees can work  on board the domestic and foreign ships, this training area has been designed with the simulators of ship’s galley. Moreover, next to this is a classroom equipped with full range of facilities for theory training. This classroom is connected through into the practising area of process. These two rooms are simulated as the dinning room and galley on the ship. The proscessing area is disigned and arranged with simulating equipment like in the galley such as (electric cooks, boilers, waste food grinder, etc). There are especilly  fire fighting equipment, gabbage storage and classification tools in accordance with the lastest Marpol 73/78.

The store is also simulated like on the ship including dry store, bond store, ice chamber. In the ice chamber, there is an alarming button incase of someone stucked inside.

We hope the new infrastructure with equipment and training tools can meet all the requirements of the Treaty and the Center can supply all the best courses to the trainees.

Here are some illustrations about the training area: