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Graduation Examination Opening Ceremony for up – college students of 42nd course at Maritime College No.1 (20/03/2016)

On March 14th 2016, Maritime College No.1 formally held the graduation examination opening ceremony for 57 students of up – college level K42 who have completed their 18 – month training courses.

The ceremony welcomed the attendance of Meritorious Teacher Vu Van Dung – Vice Rector; examiners, supervisors of the graduation examination board and 57 students.

At the speech of this formal ceremony, Meritorious Teacher Luong Quang Trung – the Head of Training Department, announced the decision of the Rector on establishing of the graduation examination board, recognition of students’ participation conditions, examiners and examination rules and dates.

Overview of graduation exam opening ceremony

At the ceremony, Mr. Vu Van Dung delivered a speech to wish examinees calm and self – confidence to get good results. He ensured that under the command of the Rector, the examination would be held safely, seriously, and in accordance with rules. The preparations for the examination including composing examination questions, invigilating, marking and evaluating examination papers had been implemented in accordance with regulations. Additionally, he reminded the examinees to seriously comply with the examination rules and he also hoped that the examinees would try their best to get good results.

Addressing the Ceremony by Meritorious Teacher Vu Van Dung – Vice Rector

Announcing the decision of the Rector by Meritorious Teacher Luong Quang Trung – The Head of Training department

The graduation examination took placed from March 14th 2016 to March 16th 2016 including 3 exam subjects as the Political Theory, the General Theory and the General Practice.

The examinees started doing their first tests on the same day with time duration of 120 minutes. On the morning of March 15th 2016 and on the March 16th 2016, they did the test of the General Theory and the General Theory respectively.

Hopefully, with the students’ effort, the lecturers’ enthusiasm the students would get high scores. With the further supports from the college leaders, the job employment center the students will get well - paid jobs in the future.

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