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Foreign Language and Informatics Center (July 20th 2021) (24/08/2021)


Function and Duties

1. Function:

Assist the Rector in managing, organizing and implementing activities relating to practical foreign language training, upgrading and applied Informatics in various flexible forms of socialization, services such as: study in service; association; distance; guided self-study, etc., in order to contribute to improve the knowledge and skills of using foreign languages ​​and informatics to meet learners' needs, to improve the quality of human resources.

2. Duties:

- Manage officers and staff of the Center and learners in the process of performing duties as assigned by the Rector; Plan training and upgrading plans to improve professional qualifications, foreign languages ​​and informatics to meet the duties assigned by the school;

- Manage and use effectively facilities and equipment of the Center invested by the College;

- Open extracurricular courses, which meet the output standards of Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics for students, has been announced by the College at the request of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in accordance with the training program approved by the Rector;

- Open training and upgrading classes in forms that meet the requirements of learners and organizations in the country and abroad;

- Organize the implementation of training programs to grant certificates of foreign languages ​​and informatics according to the current regulations;

- Implement service activities relating to Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics  in accordance with the functions of the school and not against the law such as: translation; interpretation; writing and installing software; network administrator, system administrator, opening foreign language classes for people  in need, etc.;

 - Implement the regime of recording revenue and expenditure according to the regulations on financial management of the school and the accounting regime of the State. Develop the operation regulations of the Center that are not against to the rules and regulations of the school;

 - Propose procurement, management and effective use of equipment and assets serving the  activities of the Center;

- Coordinate with other units and centers in developing socialization activities, services and clubs;

- Research and apply information technology to teaching and management activities at the Center and College;        

- Implement other duties assigned by the Rector.




Full name




Nguyen Trung Kien