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Faculty of Ship Navigation with the model training programs of high-quality Able Seafarers Deck (30/05/2016)

Basing on Decision No.334 /QĐ-CHHVN dated on 6th April 2016 about establishing the Leading Board to build, deploy the model training programs of high-quality Able Seafarers Deck and Able Seafarers Engine of the Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration, Maritime College No.1 established a compiling board to carry out the compilation of training programs under the Decision No.229 /QĐ-CĐHHI dated on 6th April 2016.

In order to deploy, the Leading Board has unified specifically and in detail with the subcommittee in charge of compiling the training program about framework programs, criteria of training programs to ensure that graduated learners will have knowledge and skills adequate to carry out their work on board.

Based on requirements, curriculums and detailed syllabi were assigned to fulfill the compilation of the model training programs.

The model training programs of Able Seafarers Deck has been built in accordance with the provisions of the regulation II/5 of the Convention STCW 78/2010 , and the requirements of society about facility, practical and handling spaces as well as getting references and experiences from school’s previous training programs with the target that can upgrade teaching quality, getting experiences from expert’s ideas, employers, specially urgent requirements from real work by experienced Ship’s masters and officers. The programs consists 3 individual programs including Vocational Elementary Technician, continuing program to Vocational Intermediate and continuing program to Vocational college of Ship Navigation to meet the requirements of learners, financial ability and the real requirements of labor market. The time for theoretical training programs is shortened whereas the practical training time is prolonged. The time for practice occupies 84 percent in Vocational elementary Technician program; 66 percent in Vocational Intermediate program; 67 percent in Vocational College program. Shortening the time to learn theory, concentrating subjects, modular will help students to forge required skills for their real work, reducing the time to learn outline subjects.

In spite of short time to compile the program, with great efforts of the Leading Board and divisions and lecturers involved, on 29th April, 2016, the compilation of the model training programs has been approved by the faculty of navigation. The programs would be then edited according to the feedbacks of the advisory Council of the college together with the model training programs of Able Seafarers Engine with high quality before submitting to Vietnam Maritime Administration. The programs were accessed and appraised by Vietnam Maritime Administration on 20th May, 2016.

The training programs of high-quality Able Seafarers Deck will be of great importance for the training of qualified maritime human resources to serve vessel fleet as well as labor exports at Maritime College No.1.

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