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Facilities: (18/08/2021)

The college at this moment owns:

- A Training vessel – specialized international voyages for practical training students and commercial transportation

- A seafarer's basic training center (life saving, fire fighting and first aid);

- Seamanship practical training room;

- Chart room

- Tokyo Keiki ECDIS simulator room

- Navigation and communication equipment room

- Navigation equipment and GMDSS room

- GMDSS/ECDIS simulator room

- Ship handling Simulator room (Ship Bridge Simulator room)

- Marine engine operation room

- Marine auxiliary machinery room

- Marine diesel engine room 

- Mechanical workshop

- Ship’s engine repair workshop

- Welding workshop

- Lathing workshop

- Cooling workshop

- Electrical and Electronic laboratory

- A galley for practical cooking;

 - Language Laboratories

- Computer rooms 

- Workshops have been equipped with full range of facilities for practical purposes, many other labs and professional facilities, etc.;

- Electronic Library

- Centers for specialized sports training, swimming pool and football playground;

- A hostel for 1000 students.

- Parking space

- Medical room

- Canteen

- Security section

- Substation