Facilities (03/01/2016)

The college at this moment owns:

- A training vessel - specialized international voyages for practical training students and commercial transportation;

- A seafarer's basic training centre (life saving, fire fighting and first aid);

- Simulators of Ship Steering, Electrical Charts (ECDIS), Radar, ARPA, etc;

- Ship Engine Room Simulator;

- Computing Application Operational Ship Engine Room;

- Practical rooms for civil electric, ship electrical engineering and mechanical work;

- Seamanship practical training room for navigation rooms;

- A ship's galley for practical cooking;

- Foreign language classrooms, Informatics practical rooms;

- Workshops have been equipped with full range of facilities for practical purposes, many other labs and professional facilities, etc;

- Centres for specialized sports training, swimming pool and stadium;

- A hostel for 1000 students.