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Implementing Notice No. 545/TB-KHCN dated December 29th 2020 on the plan to conduct scientific research at school level for the academic year 2020 – 2021, Faculty of Electrical – Electronic Engineering deployed to all teachers and assigned to the divisions to register Self-made teaching equipment. As a result, 02 DIY devices including PLC practice kit (01 product) and Electrical installation practice cabin (02 products) were accepted by the School Scientific Council.

In the course of researching, designing and manufacturing equipment with the attention and facilitation of the School Board, relevant functional departments; with the participation and suggestions of teachers and lecturers in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the researcher team has tried to complete the self-made teaching equipment: PLC practice kit and electrical installation practice cabin. The Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has carried out the acceptance at the faculty to supplement and complete the products for the School to plan the school acceptance.

According to Plan No. 26/KH-HĐKH&CN dated on July 29th 2021 on acceptance meeting of school-level scientific research for the academic year 2020-2021, on August 3rd 2021, the Acceptance Council was chaired by Mr. Luong Quang Trung as the Chairman of the School Scientific Council,  representatives of the Automation and Shipbuilding Divisions reported to the Acceptance Council on the purpose, content, scope of application, efficiency, advantages and disadvantages in manufacturing the self-made teaching equipment. Council members have evaluated and given suggestions to improve the products.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Acceptance Council summarized the evaluation opinions of the members and agreed to accept the teaching equipment: PLC practice kit and electrical installation practice cabin and on behalf of the Council, he highly appreciated 02 products and the teachers’ efforts of the of the faculty, he also requested the researcher to improve the research according to the suggestions of the Council members. After completing improvement, the Council will propose the Rector to decide to hand over the self-made teaching equipment to the Faculty for teaching in the academic year 2021-2022.

The pictures of the Acceptance

                                 The picture of PLC practice kit                                

The picture of Electrical installation practice cabin       


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