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A seminar on the Subject of Maritime Geography by the Navigation Base Division of Navigation department (17/03/2016)

On 10th March 2016, the Navigation Base Division of Navigation Department held a seminar on “Editing, adding the syllabus of the subject named Maritime Geography”. It aimed to improve the training quality of department, to exchange teaching experience and to reach an agreement about teaching contents among lecturers.

Among attendees are the Head and lecturers of navigation department. At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tu – the vice Head of Navigation Base Division presented the syllabus content of the subject for vocational college level. The seminar participants contributed their ideas to analyze, evaluate the content of the last syllabus and realized that this syllabus was not updated in the real work on board. The seminar also agreed on the changes, editing the syllabus contents applied to compose a course book of Maritime Geography. This was a very important activity for the Navigation Base Division and navigation department to fulfill the contents of most course books. Furthermore this was also a chance which lecturers could exchange their experiences to new lecturers.

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